I came across this video of The Ecriture Infinie Project today that reminded me of the endless power of writing. Began by Bili Bidjocka and curated by Simon Njami, the project asks its participants to note down whatever it is they would write if these words were their last. Everyone's thoughts are collected in eight gigantic Moleskine notebooks and will be hidden in different places around the world for subsequent generations to find. By encouraging people to participate in this exercise, Bili reveals that it is then that the actual process of this project is born. 

The question that remains at large is what the expectation will be once they are uncovered. With technology propelling us forward at such an expotential rate, will writing even be considered a veritable action when we arrive in the future? Or will it have been replaced by emails, texts, and whatever machine-dependent method exists then? How will we ourselves have changed in the way we communicate with others?

Writing has the ability to unify the masses right down to the last period, and making it personal only draws you in deeper. Not only has that purpose been fulfilled in this specific venture, but Bili has also given these individuals a chance to preserve their thoughts, wishes, and dreams for eternity.