Graphic designer Emily Roose has discovered a way to combine art, news, and old-fashioned charm into one complete package via her series, Slow Breaking News. Dedicating her time and effort (each sample takes about 25 hours to sew) to memorializing major current events that, at the time seem unforgettable, Emily makes a decision as to the holding value that each story has and perceives whether or not it will still be newsworthy with the passing of time once she has wrapped up its accompanying cross-stitch. Because the reality is that we absorb information at such an expedited rate that this week's shocker is next week's archive, the irony behind how long she spends to finish each piece is a large component that is meant to be exposed and explored.

I think about how much has happened in the world since we were born, since last week, since we woke up this morning. It is true that while these events had us in their grips during their occurrances, the fact is that we tend to have a "been there, done that" attitude due to the sheer abundance of knowledge we drink in at every possible moment. And it's not our fault - this is simply what we must do in order to stay relevant. But having someone like Emily give kudos to the past in her own beautiful way is one method of remembrance, because without yesterday, we would have not reached today to look forward to tomorrow.