My experience in working with designers who specialize in type has been bound to those who commit themselves to physically rearranging the different typefaces, kearning, leading, etc in order to create readable language. I used to think that this was only done via Illustrator or even the good old pen to paper approach, but today I discovered just how limiting this judgment was due to graphic designer Dominic Le-Hair and his magnetic and iron filing type.

Dominic's process included tracing and cutting rubber pieces into the desired alphabet letters using an X-Acto knife and adhering them to a sheet of paper, after which a second sheet was placed on top as a platform. Shake iron filings on top and voilà! Lyrics from your favorite Bonnie Prince Billy song suddenly appear like magic. It is the best kind of typographic "it's a wrap" there ever was. 

Click here to see this poster come alive in real time.