Nothing puts a smile on my face more than designers who have banded together to create an unified force to be reckoned with. Danish design studio WAAITT is one such example of the artistic power that is born from the pure desire to produce good, quality work and share that passion with others. Architected by three friends and former classmates, Jess Jensen, Dennis Müller, and Anders Rimhoff, WAAITT is a moniker for "We are all in this together", which is also the studio's motto that defines its founders' belief in collaborative design and the distribution of aesthetic knowledge.

As a project manager, I have been blessed to be included in creative conversations that shape the future of brands, products, and campaigns, and I have to say that in my day-to-day role, this is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a part of this industry. There is something incredibly powerful about being in a room with people whose innate abilities enable them to come up with ideas that constantly push the boundaries of current design, as WAAITT's talented team suggests. This feeling is electrifying, and for this experience, I will always be thankful.