The photographs you see above are beautiful enough to capture any person's immediate attention, as they are reminiscent of a certain magnificence that one does not regularly run into. You could get lost in the textures and bright shades of color that fill your screen, and when I first came across these pictures, I was captivated by the effervescence and etherealness that was shown in front of me. Little did I know that these photos are actually evidence of a more sinister event, that of which endangers the planet we live on.

American photographer and environmental activist J. Henry Fair utilizes his prowess behind the lens to bring us his series titled Industrial Scars, which explores the havoc wreaked upon us by oil spills, chemical waste, and other nightmares that pollute our lands and waters. He reconciles his interest in nature, machines, and industrial decay to snap these images that are both alluring and frightening at the same time, hoping that they clue the viewers into how catastrophic these incidents really are.

The photos describe accidents that occurred when man's mechanical power clashed with Mother Nature. The photographer's purpose was for us to be moved by this candid access into the earth's state of affairs to the point where we are spurred into action. Thus, the concept of art used as an impetus for change is introduced, and with it comes the full force of this particular artist's yearn for a more sustainable world.