Ten Thousand

I am continuously amazed at the kinds of ideas designers come up with for projects other than the ones that are client-facing or freelance. I'm talking about being inspired by something in the outside world, internalizing it, and creating a tangible edifice from which these interpretations can be shared and seen. Designer and art director Nicole Meyer has decided to do just that by coming up with a logo for all 10,000+ lakes in Minnesota in her series, Branding 10,000 Lakes. Concoting one logo a day, Nicole has resolved the next 27 years of her life to completing this.  

I write about this series because I do not believe that design in general has retained its original purpose over the years. What started out as a "Form meets function" mentality is now a mindset so compressed and compromised by outside forces that designers are often left with a devil-may-care attitude in order to churn out the work as quickly as possible. The end result is usually not what was incipiently conceived.

By limiting herself to only one lake a day. Nicole is giving herself the time needed in order to be as thorough and absolute with her ideas as she can. By taking on this task for no one but herself, she ensures that her work remains completely honest. Perhaps this is truly the only way we can counteract this imbalanced equation of what we want versus what everyone else wants.