As someone who writes about designers, their process, and how they have impacted the world, it is impossible for me to not dedicate a post to the man who, I feel, epitomized the passion and desire every creative person embodies about their work. I did not know Steve Jobs directly or indirectly, nor ever got a chance to meet him or see him speak, but the pride he had for his company, his team, and his products was indisputable throughout each launch, interview, and keynote address that I watched wistfully on my laptop thousands of miles away. He was a leader that staunchly supported every decision that ever came out of Apple, every employee who worked tirelessly to make his dream a reality, and every thought that belonged to the doctrine of best practices for user experience. No idea was too big or too hard to make come true.

Many people who are mourning today have been a Steve follower for a very long time. Others, like myself, are newcomers to the Apple community. But the underlying lesson that we have all learned is the same: Love what you do, be good at it, strive to get better, and never give up. Rest in peace, Steve.