Back in June, I saw a tweet from David Cairns that beseeched project managers everywhere to "please stop referring to what I do as 'magic'. It’s WORK." I quickly replied to him, "But it's magical work", and then wondered if my reaction was more naive than anything. However, after viewing Robert Hodgin's compilation of the programmed creations he has built over the last four years, I can truly say that my faith in the abilities of developers to make genesis with lines of code has been galvanized.

Seeing Robert's work is almost like stepping onto another plane of existence where anything is possible. But before I get ahead of myself, I will say that he does a very smart thing by interspersing bits of his coding language throughout the reel. By seeing glimpses of the Cinder and Processing techniques that are his methodology, we are brought back down to earth with the realization that the grids of light and flying particles aren't summoned from thin air, but are actual representations of the commands he has written. It is with Robert's commitment, skill, and imagination that these texts transcend into images, and these images into fantasy.

I completely understand that when you possess the power to make interactions like this happen, the magnitude of the work accomplished may fall flat after awhile. But for those of us who sit on the sidelines, this is nothing short of amazing.