Philosophy for most people is an intense, deeply personal, convoluted, and oftentimes serpentine experience that others can scarely hope to understand if they do not share the same beliefs. The study of life and its meaning is one that has been debated for as long as mankind could think, and as someone who has never had a problem walking away from decisions made only once, I thought that I would never fully comprehend what it takes to review, revise, and reconsider the same theory over and over again. That is, until I saw this.

This series of philographical posters by London-based graphic designer Genis Carreras explains the fundamentals of what every seemingly complex ideological system stands for through a variety of basic forms and shapes. Even though there are numerous ways to verbally describe each one, there exists the main core tenet from which the axiom was first born. It is that one spark of knowledge that Genis has chosen to design so that we may at least be creatively indoctrinated in our quest to figure out our own version of the truth. I could not have asked for a clearer way to be introduced to the arbitrary, the unexpected, the rational, the irrational nature in which society chooses to make its home.