Once in a while, you come across a studio whose keen perception and diligence to application spawns work that can only be described as visceral. Minneapolis-based (and aptly named) Studio On Fire is one such place where ideas go in and stunning, tactile work comes out. It is amazing what kind of information our senses of sight and touch can provide to us, and founder Ben Levitz keeps that in mind while interlacing ink and paper through his Heidelberg letterpresses. What started out as a hobby for Ben has ended up becoming a medium without which his graphic design skills would not be complete. 

I am particularly enamored by the attention to detail that is paid by this incredibly talented team of creatives. From the crisp, clear notes of the ink to the exact imprint of each letter and shape, nothing is too insignificant or small for the studio to examine. This reaction then gives us the power to notice the slightest dot, spot the thinnest line, and fully appreciate the level of effort and passion it takes to produce art like this. The final product is thus stamped into our memories because of its visual richness and the emotional connection it evokes in all of us, rendering it indisputably successful in every way.