I recently stumbled across London studio BERG and was impressed by their forward-thinking strategy regarding all things digital. For those of you who haven't heard of them, the team behind BERG were the innovators who, along with Bonnier, thought of an integrated mobile solution for newspapers and magazines before the iPad was ever created. This kind of adaptive, contemporary, yet entirely possible prototype gives way to more feasible like-minded design down the road, and provides designers the inspiration and strength needed to constantly be thinking outside the box for creative input into future technological advancement.

This time, BERG has dipped a foot into the print pool by contributing designs for a remastered receipt concept for Icon Magazine's monthly "Rethink issue". Typically, receipts are simple slips of paper that provide strictly transactional information and are not usually compelling enough to keep glancing at. BERG challenges this by creating a brand new user experience between the receipt and the customer, allowing them to select useful data such as pricing and quality, and intermingling these with other social scoops like relevant events and trends to be displayed in a format that is easily readable on the fly.

This in essence establishes the first potential paper app of its kind. What could be next? To all the designers and developers out there, the phrase, "The world is your oyster" has never rang more true.