There's something to be said for the level of dedication and commitment that we place on things. Parents devote their entire lives to their children, artists spend months finishing a painting so that it represents their exact vision, developers give up everything to build an app they can be proud of. It takes a very strong person to feel a sense of purpose and finish what they've started, because it is so easy to sit down and come up with ten ideas off the bat on how to create something, but actually applying yourself to reach the end goal is something that rarely happens at the same rate. To most people, why do something today when you could just as simply do it tomorrow?

Miguel Endara set out to prove us all wrong. His project, titled Hero, is one graphic designer's journey of drawing a portrait of his father by only utilizing stippling, a pledge that took him one ink pen, one full year from start to finish, and 3.2 million dots. At a rate of about 4.25 dots a second, Miguel spent 210 hours on these elements alone, concentrating all his efforts on ensuring that each dot was at the proper degree of solidity so that the overall effect was striking all on its own. Despite feeling undoubtedly tired at times due to the monotonous action that stippling entails, Miguel never gave up and completed the project regardless.

I think this is a beautiful, original tribute to the man who raised him to be the person he is today, a great method of acknowledgement to the importance and meaning his father has to him. As a creative person, Miguel's employment of his skills in this manner shows incredible love and respect.