Disappear with Dovely

Today's post features the artist behind Dovely, Meg McGrath. Meg is the mastermind who created Disappearance, a slideshow of images that together create an almost surreal look into what seems to be an ordinary day. The piece features her doing normal tasks such as getting out of bed, cleaning the table, and tidying the living room. Yet each scene also provides a strong, static, focal point, also represented by Meg, that causes the viewer to remain still with her while time continues to move forward. 

My background as a classically trained musician has enabled me to become highly sensitive to how music fits into the soundtrack of any film. In the case of Disappearance, the haunting melody behind the action brings me to a profound sense of loss. Even when we think that the places we revisit have changed, we realize that the places have remained the same, and it is us who have changed. Meg staying still while the "other Megs" move about, until the "first Meg" gradually fades into obscurity, tells that story.