Look Twice at Your Cassette Tape

Art can be generated in various mediums and instruments, but seeing it represented via reels of film and cassette tapes is a novel concept for me. Erika Iris Simmons is the creator of these abstractions which utilize the recording tools seen here to concoct unbelievably detailed, intricate faces. Aptly titled Ghost in the Machine, the series aspires to explain how we are made up of complicated streams of thought that originate from our minds, and the series of actions we take in order to navigate our consciousness.

People may be similar on the outside in terms of appearance, dress, and look, but our introspection and intuition are all our own. The way we view the world differs from the next person, and to many people, a tape is nothing more than an inanimate object used to stimulate our aural senses. Erika's rearrangement of the tape into a face signifies that there is so much more that our brain can acknowledge, and that you can take anything of this earth and make it into something that transcends its original purpose.