Bianca Chang Redefines the Papercut

Paper is one of my personal preferences from which to create art, and I was so pleased to find Australian designer Bianca Chang's work within this channel. Bianca's methods epitomize the meticulous care needed in such an endeavor, so much so that I was rendered speechless when presented with videos of her process.

Each piece is carefully measured and cut to perfectly fit the confines of that paper's place within the overall project. The thin, delicate nature of the paper interpolates to establish its own subtle tonality that needs no extra element. I cannot stress enough the painstaking effort it must take to ensure that both the calculations and dimensions synthesize seamlessly to create the final look and feel. 

Bianca's work ethic inspires me to no end. To be able to sit and tirelessly compose these artworks is a true testament to her passion for her craft, and allows her to generate something that is austere, clean, and beautiful.