It's Electric

If you are looking for the next great abstractionist painter, Sam Songailo is it. His art, which extends to light installations that invoke the players of Tron, incorporates bold, florescent lines into various geometric sequences throughout the canvas. These strokes are so sharp and systematic that they bring to mind other similar scientific artifices, such as the synapses in one's brain or the tracks in an underground railroad. Sam's usage of neon pink and aqua amongst a sea of primary colors hint towards a futuristic atmosphere that is both unsettling yet highly anticipated.

At first glance, I was hit with a cacophony of visual noise with dissonant color schematics clashing so deeply that I didn't know where to begin my appraisal. But once I began to stop focusing and started letting myself go, I saw a myriad of possibilities as to what these paintings could truly be. By allowing us to make up our own minds about the end result of his work, Sam has given us the greatest gift of all - transporting the design possibilities of tomorrow and bringing them into the now.