An Attention Ketcher

I am a huge fan of all things clean and crisp but sometimes, those two qualities can create a product that can seem a bit stiff and stifling. Turnstyle, a design studio based in Seattle, has managed to overcome that stereotype by incorporating fun and whimsical, yet influential, typographical details into their branding and identity for Ketch.

A clothing boutique in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood, Ketch derives its name from a type of sailboat, from which Turnstyle drew its inspiration. Using Din and Caslon, the company name gives forth a hue of robustness without being obnoxious. The fact that Turnstyle took advantage of Caslon's serif nature by connecting the K and E to create an anchor is not lost on me. A nom de plume if I ever saw one. 

All in all, a vibrant brand that is not likely to be forgotten anytime soon.