Drawings in a Digital World

Working in an industry where trends come and go in the blink of an eye, and our motto may very well be, "I came, I saw, I moved on", it is refreshing to find innovative individuals who discover ways to bring the traditional into the now. This introspective begins with James Huse, a digital artist from London, who created the Drawing Machine, an application built using Quark Composer on Max OS X which James coordinated with a webcam to allow users to dynamically draw on the connected computer screen. This project was influenced by existing technologies from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, who themselves have successfully forged such paths in their gaming systems, and brought to a personal level where anyone with the proper equipment could do the same.

Something I enjoyed about this was the fact that James chose to renew the age-old concept of pen to paper and spark new ways of iterating through this same interaction using modern tactics. We are always so eager to move further along in the design abyss of creative exploration due to the need to perpetually stay on top, that sometimes we forget about the techniques that nurtured us from the beginning and brought us to the point where we can utilize said skills in a myriad of platforms today. Designers who take the time to revisit history should feel proud knowing that they've only added to the wealth of our former accomplishments.