Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

When I was growing up, you couldn't find me without a book in my hand due to my avidness as a reader. From a very young age, I would use these stories as a means to escape the reality I belonged to and travel into the hearts and minds of the characters whose lives became my own. The eagerness that I had to bury my head in a novel is something I think about fondly, especially since my time became increasingly occupied on my laptop surfing the internet as I entered high school and college. Now the books on my shelves are dusty with neglect, and you are scarce to find me without my iPhone. Technology has become my heavily relied upon one-way ticket out.

I started talking about the past in my posts this week and how designers are finding inspiration in primordial objects to fuel their modern agendas. Brian Dettmer is one such artist whose mission statement defines the very meaning of this approach. His process is one that revives history, not discards it, by providing a new face to an ancient form that has stood the test of time, but like all pre-mechanical items, is in danger of slowly being on its way towards oblivion. He digs deeper into the material to explore its anatomy so that we may take interest in what lies beneath its current state, and then transforms its interface into a completely new construction to reveal the contents in an exquisite fashion.  As we move forward in the digital age and leave behind the physical one, we need people like Brian to remind us that not all that has been viewed is all that can be seen.