Dream of Colourfornication

In the spirit of summer, hot nights, and music festivals around the world, I came across the brilliant portfolio of Australian design studio, The Drop, and the work they did for the 2012 Summadayze Colourfornia campaign. Founded by Nick Thompson, the studio worked with Future Entertainment to conceive of a world where electronica and chalk fights merge to create bursts of hues mixed with a retro vibe. It's a concept so simple with models merely engaging in a color riot, but the high-definition Phantom Camera they used allowed them to slow down the action to capture the exact moment when the chalk particles hit the intended surface so that you can specifically see how this confederation came to be. This is what allows you to make sense out of the chaos.

Being a neat person, I usually despise a mess but watching this video can't help but make me feel like this would be a great way to let loose, have some fun, and listen to groovy music. A resplendent campaign made to illustrate the transportation back to the '70s.

Summadayze Colourfornia from Nick Thompson on Vimeo.