The Type Go Round

Organization and absolute diligence in maintaining clarity and efficacy in my life has, I realize, somewhat influenced the kind of projects I am drawn to, and the typography work done by Spanish studio, Studio Aparte, is no exception. Collaborating with Pablo Martin, Studio Aparte designed the award-winning identity and typeface for the University of Vigo in Spain, and created an entire field of letters using multitudinous, mathematical lines as a tribute to the university's technical expertise.

The intricate details of the lines and curlicues, which intersect to establish the almost dizzying effect of grids, make it seem impossible at first to discern what exactly is going on here. But upon a closer glance, and with growing conviction, the lines begin to make sense. The precision in which Studio Aparte has taken to ensure that every angle and corner meet at their proper station on the map requires great care and calculation. Proportions must be taken into consideration so that each letter, with its own set of rules, is covered under the typeface's law. One step in the wrong direction, or an extra line misplaced here or there, and the entire balance is lost.

This is another example that proves to the world that design is not some magical thing that appears with a "poof". There is thought, process, and a story that goes along with each production so that the end result may best reflect the artist behind the mouse.