Reading Between the Lines

Today's post features Italian graphic designer Stefano Lionetti, whose poster series in typographic exploration, striking lines, and simple primary colors allude to the "Less is More" theory that we all covet. Utilizing Soho Ultra by Monotype as his typeface of choice, Stefano incorporates witty pangrams and the phrase all designers love to hate, "Yes We Kern", against a cream-based background to minimize additional noise and maximize the font to its fullest potential. The two black slashes in each poster serve to chunk the available white space evenly so that the viewer may assess the information provided in a methodical manner.

It is very clear by his work that Stefano is someone who takes great pride in carefully thinking through how each corner, hook, line, and sinker contribute to the rest of the piece. There is direction here, made all the more evident by his decision to keep everything aligned at the bottom and his refusal to occupy the remaining space available above the verbiage because it would not keep with the original pattern. As someone whose profession dictates that organization and detailedness are a way of life, I can definitely appreciate the amount of attention paid here.