Just Say Hi

Type foundry Village has found a simple, easy, and impactful way to get its typeface stock to the masses via an aesthetically pleasing method that also makes customers want to hang the gazette on their walls. Dubbed, "Mini Catalogue 2009", one would at first glance hardly separate this from those supermarket coupon bulletins that come in the mail in alarming droves. But once you unfold this one to its fullest, you'll see that it isn't any ordinary prospectus. This is an invitation to say, "Hi".

Most advertisements meet their death when they are discarded carelessly into the trash without a second glance, but Village bypasses this by providing more than the typical product listing. By proposing a straightforward dialogue with the viewer and encouraging them to read each typeface's pangram on the other side in an unobtrusive and graphical manner, they have already gotten to the place where no other catalogue has gone before. I am living proof that this approach works, as I have this proudly adorning the wall in my room.