Man's Best Friend

Since the beginning of time, humans have held a deep love for our canine companions. The first animal to be domesticated and the first, at least in my parents' house, to hold an equal place in the family as a full-fledged member, the dog has become a symbol of unconditional love, guardianship, and friendship rolled into one. No one has captured the essence of this powerful animal in a way like Tim Flach has, and his book, Dogs Gods, seeks to visually explain the journey of our relationship with this creature and provide reasoning as to why both humans and dogs alike have developed and transformed throughout the ages to help each other thrive. Tim's photography is so strikingly ocular that one feels as if the dogs in question are right there in the room with them.

We often think that by training a dog and accepting it into our home, we are the ones who are changing its life for the better. But in fact, this exchange is two-fold. By allowing an animal to affect us the way dogs do, and by taking comfort in its loyalty and faithfulness, we find ourselves taking any path necessary to provide for them. In times of trouble and strife, the simple acknowledgement that is given to us from our pet is sometimes all the consolation we need.