The Power of Positive Thinking

From Pixar animator Aaron Hartline to aspiring animator Willie Downs

From animator Austin Madison to aspiring animator Willie Downs

Today, I wanted to share along some words of encouragement that I came across while doing research on film animation. I have long since admired the intelligence and expertise that animators bring to the table when creating stories for us viewers to enjoy, and Disney's Pixar Animation Studios represents the epitome of what a room full of talented, passionate people can achieve. Starting from ideas and drawings and working that process up to the point where it can be ordained into something tangible, the animators at Pixar know no bounds when it comes to striving for the best in all they endeavor.

Something else that these animators share is the limitless desire to help those who wish to follow in their footsteps. Willie Downs was one such person who had always dreamed of going to animation school and regretted his choice to not do so. He decided to start the Animator Letters Project after writing to Aaron Hartline and receiving advice about what he should do next. The inspiration this letter brought encouraged Willie to ask animators across various production companies to provide their insight into what it takes to make your dreams come true. I have posted Aaron's and Austin Madison's responses here.

The overall theme, which can be applied to the design industry as well, is that there will be more times than not that we will want to give up. It is easier to end the fighting and suffering and desist with a white flag held in the face of opposition. But for those who persist and keep pushing forward, the rewards reaped when your goal has been attained is what will make this arduous journey worthwhile. We should never forget why we started what we did. There is always a reason for everything.