Sometimes in the Fall

It's finally that time of year again when the wind gets chilly, the early morning wakeups are still swathed in the black night, and the leaves start to change color. I thought I'd hail the start of Fall with some extraordinary plant cut-outs by Lorenzo Duran, an artist whose sole existence is dedicated to celebrating nature. Drawing faith in the fact that the environment is home to a whole bevy of creative matter, Lorenzo picks, washes, dries, presses, and then cuts the leaves in a fragile process that is fraught with the threat of these delicate sleeves ripping to pieces. He has continuously worked on his craft so that for every hundred that are destroyed, one leaf may live for us to appreciate its beauty.

I went to college in New Hampshire and right now is about the time where the foliage starts to happen. We had a entire field in the middle of campus dedicated to these beautiful trees. If I miss anything about my years there, it is this.