As the shortest distance between two points, a straight line is sometimes the most direct and simplest way to make an impression for one's identity. Australian design studio Worldwide was commissioned by photgrapher Georgina Matherson to create the branding and collateral for her services that best represented the personal touch that an artist leaves behind when numbering the amount of editions he/she has made of a single project. They used a custom Gotham font and perforated cardstock for the business cards to bring this idea together. 

I own several prints that utilize this system and always feel a warm glow knowing that I own #56 of a limited release of 100. Georgina too, wanted her clients to feel this same exclusivity, and it is one that Worldwide designed very well. Black against white has always been a classic in my book, and Georgina can rest assured that these will continue to stand the test of time no matter where her practice takes her.