When Life Hands You Iced Tea, Make a Brand


I love iced tea and I love a good brand. Mix those two together and you get ISST, a drink concept created by Polish design studio, Artentiko. Wanting to go beyond the general realm of what this beverage is (read: leaf buds and cold water), Artentiko strove to revert back to its natural origin and really explore the molecular basis for this product. By doing so, they were able to build a lifestyle that was one part salubrious and all parts complete. 

There are many things I could say about the verity of this brand, but one thing I particularly enjoyed was seeing how all the components fell into place. The in-depth process in which they came up with the name and logo of circles that denote the simplest shape in existence all add up to an imprint that drips in meaning and significance. Even though all of the bottled flavors are uniform, each colorful label holds its own character so that they may stand out from one another without trying too hard. The campaign was translated across three languages, but the paramount trademark is one that is universally understood.