Lately, I have been seeing an increasing amount of branding design that specializes in a mix of illustration plus graphic expertise. Typeverything is a site that collects and curates many such examples of typography whose profilic, old-Italian yet contemporary style makes its owner stand out to the masses in every shape or form. Designers Jessica Hische and Dana Tanamachi (the latter whose work I have described here) are two artists who subscribe to this authentic and timeless look in their work.

Despite the rising popularity that this has in our industry today, I sometimes find myself yearning for something that feels a bit more substantial, hefty even - a design that I can grip by the horns, shake, and know that the pressure will render it undamaged. Vietnamese studio Egregius's new identity for local coffee shop M Teafé hits the spot right on the head and brings forth memories of the Bauhaus era with its industrial appeal and heavy block lettering. My favorite piece of the project is the menu, which has been printed on thick cardstock with the type clearly displayed in equivalent width and stroke for each letter of every word. 

Utilizing the stark color(less) backgrounds of black and white, the design is a unique identifier for a place that is stereotypically supposed to exude a folksy charisma, and its bridge-like logo of "M" is an appropriate call to action for connecting the gap between the two. Egregius has assigned the same importance to everything on the page, and the deliberate nature of these elements is not one that should be missed.