Ever feel a tension so sharp in a room that it could cut glass and make angels bleed? Count on Wasted Rita to say what people in the room are thinking but are too cowardly to say. Her series, titled Words on Things, features personal and public thoughts that we have all had in our lifetime, some so honest that it hurts, others like a splash of cold water to our faces that makes us gasp, a few we can relate to that gives us the chuckles.

Given the amount of haranguing that happens at our workplace, at home, in school, between lovers and amongst friends, there comes a point when we can't take it anymore. For the introverted and nonconfrontational, an outburst in defense and return is not an option. So Wasted Rita provides those of us an outlet, however passive aggressive it may be, so that we may feel some reprieve. It doesn't solve anything, but it is enough to get us through another day.

Maybe this is how Wasted Rita gets through hers too. I don't make friends easily, but I admit I am captivated by her and wish she was a real presence in my life. I think her candor and blunt observation is just what the creativity industry needs in order to provide some normalcy to a land where politics and ego rule the roost. But can such things ever be tamed and brought down to earth?