Those of us on the East Coast are currently facing Frankenstorm, also affectionally known as "Snor'eastercane", and it looks like it'll be a long, lonely couple days while we wait it out and hope for the best. I have my water stocked, batteries ready, and cell phone charged if it turns out that this really is Mother Nature cometh and I should start preparing for the end.

In an effort to remain positive during the inevitable crippling downpour that will occur shortly, I started looking into my photo archives from the summer (during much warmer and calmer times) and was shocked to realize that I had forgotten to write about my weeklong trip to the Sunshine State back in June. But what more can I say to supplement the photographs above that capture a period when things were simpler, less complicated, and happier? Where people greet you because they are nice, not because they want anything? Where the clock slows down and you are able to sit down for a bit and eat a delicious lunch by the water? Did you know that in San Francisco, you actually have time to do that?

I miss the Ferry Building and the palm trees planted right in front. I miss the Golden Gate Bridge and the horrific shorts tan I got walking 6 hours to get there. I miss Mission District and its amazing Mexican food and its crack dealers only a block away. I miss the feeling I got that this place really was the stuff made of dreams.

I miss the person I was when I was there.