Wow - coming back to this space after having taken a couple months away from writing feels like slipping into a pair of fuzzy warm socks. It is the day after Christmas and the world is still quiet. I have been battling long hours at the office and a stomach bug for the last couple weeks, but am grateful for a few days reprieve while holiday celebrations still abound.

I saw this commercial from Apple to promote the new iPad mini, and can't stop watching it. Not only does it do the spirit of Christmas justice, but it's also a clever marketing scheme as the little girl is projecting her performance from the iPad mini, showing off its small stature and appropriateness as another option to the regular sized tablet for children and others. By pairing the current iPad with the grandfather, a subtle parity with it becoming the new "older" model has been made, while rendering it nostalgic and precious for the good ol' days.

Merry Christmas.