The phrase "Walk a mile in your neighbor's shoes" is one that is fully realized thanks to people like designer/photographer Mike Matas, whose video of a weeklong trip in Japan is a perfect metaphor for slipping into someone else's memory for awhile. In capturing the behind the scenes look at daily activity for Japanese natives, Mike brings the powerful force of total recall to our front steps, completely immersing us in the vibrancy of this country and extending a welcome hand to join him. When you get an invitation like this, you ask no questions. You just dive in. 

Watching the 4,000 photographs that constitute this film pass by in a blur, I feel as if I am partaking in a dream that I don't want to wake up from because doing so will just bring me back to my own sedentary life. Mike's ability to willingly and absolutely submerge himself into experiences like these takes a certain kind of acceptance and confidence that no matter what happens, you will come out on the other side okay. There is no time for later, there is only now.

So, in this same spirit, when you go to sleep tonight, what will you regret not doing today?