I am in love with the photography by New Yorker Eric Cahan, who incorporates natural light mixed with his knowledge of color theory to create his Sky Series, a study of illumination and its effect on a moment with the sun. Eric utilizes handmade color filters that, when held at the right angle in front of the lens, create stunning backdrops upon which these ephemeral shadows that are rarely noticed on an everyday basis can be recognized. His study of specific color combinations and how their tonal temperatures change depending on day versus night means that he is able to invoke a pure, rich, interpretation of the sky at any focal point, making it look like both a fiery blaze or a muted ocean.

Immense gratitude is felt towards him for allowing us a glimpse at the intimate nature and the very technical process in which these photographs are born. By being careful so as to select the perfect instance to take each image, Eric is essentially making a pictographic journal of his travels. After all, they do say that a picture is worth a thousand words.