Most artists need a reference point or guide before undertaking any portrait work, but French graphic designer and illustrator Florian Nicolle doesn't require an explicit statement of what a person looks like before he starts drawing. While he structures his pieces in a way that gives us the affordance to come up with an idea of what we are supposed to be looking at, he also leaves certain parts behind so that we use our own creativity to finish them off individually. Since we aren't chained to any preconceived notion of who this character should be, we are ultimately free to decide our own analyses ourselves which ensures that each interpretation stays fresh and remains different.

Utilizing the technique known as tradigital (traditional drawings by hand plus digital touches on a computer), Florian combines the two mediums to make each deliberate brush stroke pop out even more. I want to bring your attention to the level of emotion that is laid out before you with his work because when you stare into the eyes of his subjects, their flat surfaces become instantly transformed into something that is gripping and almost real. This is the true pull that keeps viewers mesmerized, as out of nowhere, you are presented with something that is very much alive.