Remember back when I wrote that typography these days was starting to become commonplace in its old Renaissance-esque calligraphy? I had mentioned that I was looking for a style that was bold, brazen, and new to today's standards, and I believe that it has been found in Tien-Min Liao. Tien-Min's technique creating both uppercase, lowercase, and italicized letters using only black ink and her finger orientation makes you do a double-take, as you can hardly imagine something that is normally complex and calculated coming out of a substance as flawed and imperfect as the human body.  

It is interesting to note that most disections of typefaces include a rich, mathematical blueprint, and in fact, the more the equations there are, the better and more credible it is. Designers in general pride themselves on the ability to determine the best possible distance between two points because there just has to be an entity that exists which is far better than a straight line. But, and this is a concept I repeat here agan and again, what about the imagination therein that brings ideas like this to the surface? Instead of immediately taking to a pencil and a piece of paper to design her typeface, Tien-Min determined that her best tools were the ones that she was born with - her hands. From there, her process was born so that she could create something remarkable like this: