Last weekend, I had the chance to see one of my favorite bands play at the Izod Center in New Jersey. I've been wanting to see Coldplay for the longest time as it had been a bucket list item for years, so I was happy to jump to the occasion when the opportunity arose. My previous experience of hearing them live was limited to fullscreening Youtube clips on my computer, so I had some idea of what I would be a part of. But I did not expect it to completely blow my mind. 

Coldplay's success at getting their music out to their fans in a way that not only ensures that entertainment will be had, but also evokes an underlining loyalty to the group that can't be wavered, has always amazed me. First thing that we received when we entered the concert hall were the famous Xylobands that everyone in the crowd wore, instantly marking all 40,000 of us as one and same. They would go off during certain songs, and Chris Martin once asked us to raise our arms in the air so that he could see the audience light up as brightly as the stage. Then he thanked us for allowing him that view.

One thing that I especially admired was the running man animation beamed out during "Charlie Brown". My photos above don't do it justice since the screens they projected it on were small, but I found a video of it by Universal Everything, who were the original creators of the visuals. They hit the nail on the head with this one, as the vibrance and colors scream all that is this song - living in the moment and always moving forward.

The four of them just looked so excited being up there performing and sharing their music with us. It must be the greatest feeling in the world to unite people of all ages, creeds, religion together with what you do. I think that's what we in the creative industry always strive for - that perfect instance when things fall into place, everything makes sense, and most importantly, everyone is happy. What a joy it is when that finally happens. How rare it is. How it should never be taken for granted.