Designing for any corporate entity has the potential to be flat, creatively draining, and for lack of a better word, boring. Given the strict guidelines, legal hoopla, and office politics that have to be dealt with throughout the entire process, it's no wonder that a design team feels compressed and restrained, unable to really let go and push forth as they wish.

But every once in a while, given the circumstances, you still come across a concept that is fresh, inspired, and also clever, and that's what I found in designer Alex Dalmau's identity for Deskidea, an office supplies company located in Spain. Keeping the color schematic simple with only black and white, the brand stands out amidst the many products that are housed on the website. At first, I wondered why the two horizontal lines were not continuous from the K in "desk" to the I in "idea", until I saw the pencil that becomes apparent once the logo is rearranged vertically. In its current state, it also has the potential to look like a paper clip.

All good ways of making something that could otherwise be one-dimensional into something mult-faceted that lends itself well to the task at large.