Hi. I am here after having taken some time off from the site. It seems like I always embark on these self-imposed hiatuses when things in my life are going through upheaval or major change, and as someone who likes her personal life to stay as still as possible, it's been an interesting period to say the least. I have been trying to get back into the swing of things so that I can retain a sense of normalcy again. I think I am almost there.

I've been searching for a way back for awhile now, so when I came across this 4-part mural series by David de la Mano and Pablo S. Herrero, it was like I had found a visual representation of what I have been feeling over the last several months. Together, the duo created street art in various points of Winter Haven, Florida that combined humans and their interactions with nature in a way that mimics fractal-like qualities. This interweaving of patterns and veins is seen both near and far, and just when you think you're at the edge, you eventually encounter another winding road that leads to its own basket of people, situations, problems, and solutions.

The intention behind these pieces is what speaks to me most. Regardless of how mathematical and purposeful the art may seem, there is something overwhelmingly emotional about these figures and their struggle to keep control over something that's larger than themselves. I look at this and identify with the message that you can't stop even if you are tired. You have to keep going until you reach the end one day.