One of my absolute favorite parts of a movie now is seeing how studios and production houses depict the opening and ending credits of a film. A far cry from the stoic, black and white lists of yesteryear, credits and their visual effects today have become just as much an essential piece of the moviegoing experience as the rest of the action, and can serve as an expectation setter of what's to come, or a lovely closure to what just was. Its purpose is to fully engage the audience and give them a further glimpse of a character, environment, or overall tone of the story.

One recent example that sticks out in my mind is the main title sequence of Iron Man 3, which was directed by designer Danny Yount and produced by Prologue Films. I loved how they incorporated bits from the entire trilogy and unified them into a final farewell to tie everything together. The faded panes of imagery alongside black divider lines are a throwback to Marvel's opening sequence for all of its films. Its quirkiness and fun is a tribute to the playboy Tony Stark and his ability to make light of any situation. And let's not forget the music, which is reminiscent of a '70s cop show and again calls out related features of the movie - self-righteous heroes, nasty villans (no matter how loveable Trevor Slattery turned out to be), and always an awesome car.

Chances are that if you saw credits that you really enjoyed, it was made by Danny and/or Prologue. Their resumes are an impressive array of film, television, and gaming. I've provided videos for a few that I have particularly admired, and their websites are a film buff's dreamland for the rest.