Popping in here today to post some of my pictures from a trip upstate this weekend to visit the Storm King Art Center in Mountainville, New York. I am a huge fan of interactive exhibits as opposed to your standard gallery fare, and anything that allows me to be outside in the beautiful weather is a plus.

Storm King is a 500-acre sculpture garden and park, and the unique thing about it is that most of the works are built directly into the landscape. I found myself off the beaten path during a walk, and came across an arrangement of boulders that turned out to be an exhibit by Patricia Johanson. The photograph of Roy Lichtenstein's Mermaid was taken during a quiet moment by the lake in the South Fields. The union between art and nature is celebrated. Care is taken to ensure that the surrounding environment isn't disrupted by the sculptures, but enhanced. 

No two angles or views of the same piece looked the same, and it was interesting to observe the sculptures and their relationship with Mother Nature. The parts that faced the sun were faded and starting to show signs of wear, while their counterparts in the shade were still as vibrant as the day they arrived. It reminded me of how we have similar nuances within ourselves - how the sides of our personality that are constantly on display eventually get eroded and less meaningful, and the parts that we keep hidden and show only a select few stay relevant and special. 

I really enjoyed myself in this place. It was a much needed and welcomed day off.