What a beautiful way to ring in 2013 by looking at this gorgeous installation created by Aether & Hemera. The London-based studio, which consists of Claudio Benghi and Gloria Ronchi, is named after the Greek god and goddess of light, appropriately so given the nature of their work. Voyage is the culmination of 300 sailboats powered by LED lighting that float in Canary Wharf, and its interactivity invites visitors to control the color function via their mobile devices.

While undergoing the process of building this, Claudio and Gloria first rendered the sailboats in 2D so that the perfect balance point and gravity distribution were realized, and then ventured into the 3D model. Small weights keep each one upright and connections are generated by wires that also serve as electrical cords. The boats have been designed to withstand waves, wind, and water. When all is said and done, the fully effect is truly magical.

It is one of those things that keep you rooted to your spot, and once you see it, you can't look away. Your mind is focused on the object but also becomes hazy as it wanders, like one is apt to do when viewing such an illusion. That is indeed the purpose of this project, for the audience to dig into their imagination and think about the times of yesteryear while being aware of the present.

My resolutions are to cook more, travel often, take some time for myself, buy locally, and be a nicer person. Happy new year to you all.