The Land of the Gaels

I was perusing The Anthropologist today and came across a feature on renowned Scottish photographer, David Eustace. David was asked to bring his heritage and homeland to life via a series of images that best captured the land from whence his ancestors came. The Scottish Highlands and Hebridean Islands were what appeared in his mind for this touching tribute to the land of the Gaels.

Scotland is a paradoxial region that incorporates both a laborious and mesmeric ambiance. A person could experience both extremes of the emotional spectrum in a place like this, and yet, never want to leave. Although it is a land of much anguish and despair, the ties that its people hold render it a true rose in a Highlander's heart. It is with this spirit that the raw earth continues to thrive despite any impasse that nature may throw its way.

David's purpose in this was to demonstrate that humanity is capable of reaching behind the bad and pulling out the good within. He explored a beauty that is made apparent not on the first glance, but the second and third. This steely resolve gives the beauty of Scotland the ability to retain its corner in the magnificence of the sky.