Chalk It Up

Always happy to discover new and interesting platforms from which artists define their work, I came across the chalk designs of Brooklyn-based designer, Dana Tanamachi, today. While most graphic designers use computer mouses or the tried and true pen and pencil to flesh out their ideas, Dana takes to a stick of calcium carbonate to bring us into her world of black and white, block and swirl lettering, and a canvas that is regularly the size of an entire room wall. 

In her timelapse videos that give you a very linear glimpse into her process, you can see that there is one defining step that comes across every project she does: repetition. Dana frequently draws out the general outline of her intended shape, comes back to it later, erases it with a damp cloth, and reworks that component of the piece again and again until it fits. Her perseverance and endurance to make sure that everything is aligned according to her original vision is a lesson in itself about the value of persistence. By continuing to alter the course of her project's expansion until it feels right, Dana teaches us that you should never shy away from your dream, nor settle for second best.