Solving Systems of Literal Equations

I was a psychology major in college and once took a course in brain lateralization, the study of hemispheric dominance versus handedness and how that affects your overall quantitative and qualitative prowess. According to this theory, the left side of your brain (right-handed people) is wired more towards logic, structure, and control, and the right side of your brain (left-handed people) is more fluid, understanding, and emotional. This suggests that a person can be either scientific or artistic, mathematically inclined or computatively challenged, and perhaps such can be said when generally speaking. But designer Craig Damrauer has sought to break away from this stereotype by creating his series, New Math, with 20x200. An exploration into what an equation would look like with words instead of numbers, the collection aims to define situations creatively via direct parameters and [sometimes humorous but true] variables that would make any algebra teacher proud.

The lesson to be learned here is that similarities, covert and obvious, exist between art and science. When you really think about it, what is the difference between the formula for general relativity and the formula for an experience? Both include a desire to drink the vast wealth of knowledge that exists and a craving to interpret that cognizance. We are all just looking for the answer to "why?".